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Spray Booth & Filters

High Point Pneumatics / Spray Booth & Filters

Spray Booths & Coating Operations

Are you aware that if you are using an industrial application to spray coat anything, that it should be done in a booth?

From a small plumbing fitting to custom cabinetry to large truck pieces ~ they all should be in a properly ventilated, confined space. Yep! Spray Booths keep you, your employees and the environment safer by containing and controlling the pollutants in your shop. Your employees can breathe easy knowing you’ve got their back in keeping their work environment the safest possible.

Custom Solutions Built For You

Many suppliers want you to conform to a one-size-fits all booth. They may offer a few sizes or variations, but they don’t look specifically at your application to provide the custom solution you need!

Not only will we create the best custom booth option available for your application, we will design it with attention to detail, the highest quality and in a cost effective manner. Then we will continue to be your partner in providing appropriate filters for the different types of coating you may be using in your booth. If you are unsure what application you should be using or what size booth or process will work best for you, rest assured our team of professionally trained application specialists will assist in you finding the perfect solution. And we can even test it in our own demonstration lab! 

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Are you ready to learn more about our custom spray application solutions?

Hight Point Pneumatics Spray Booth Solution Process

At High Point Pneumatics we simplify the build process of spray application systems and take out the guess work.

We will be sure your system is working well for you over time and assist in providing any replacement parts or service your system requires.

Site Visits

A member of our team will visit your location to understand first-hand the scope of the automated or manual spray application you are attempting to implement.


We will build a system that works best for your needs.

Cost-Effective Systems

Our engineers will define the most cost-effective, but highly efficient spray booth system available for you. We will take into consideration space restrictions, environmental regulations and budgets to determine what will be best for your application process.


We will build a system that works best for your needs.

Why Partner with HPP

Once we determine the solution, we will present it to you in easy to understand terms and a detailed cost analysis for you to make an educated decision on why you should partner with High Point Pneumatics. Then, when your order is placed, we will gather the components needed for your system to be installed.


We will build a system that works best for your needs.

Flexible Customer Service

At a time convenient to you, our team will arrive with everything needed to install your custom spray application solution. We won’t leave your side until you are fully operational.


We will build a system that works best for your needs.

Extensive Inventory Of Filters 

During our planning phase, we will determine the best filters for you to use for each coating application. We can provide the traditional filtering material rolls for your system if they are the most cost effective for your needs, or we have a simple retrofit system that will allow ANY spray booth – even if we didn’t build it – to accept filter squares for a less cumbersome filter change. The best part? You may use a combination of rolls and squares as needed to provide ultimate efficiency in your spray booth.

We create custom spray booths
No matter the size of your product being sprayed, we can create a booth to handle the coating and the proper filters to keep your team safe and business compliant. Are you ready to learn more about our systems?