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Which Metal Finishing Option is Best for Your Product?

Metal finishing is used to treat the surface of a metal product. There are several types of metal finishing processes, each with a different purpose. Some may provide added durability to a product, while others are purely cosmetic for the purpose of adding color or texture. The process you choose will depend on your preferences, but there are factors such as cost and process speed to keep in mind.

Types of Metal Finishing

Liquid Painting

Industrial paint provides a hard coating to your metal equipment or tools. Although not as durable as other finishing types, paint does offer some surface protection from corrosion and damage. Paint is widely used as a cosmetic finish.

Sand Blasting

Also known as bead blasting, this process forces sand, metal pellets, or other abrasives against the surface of the product at high speeds. The result is a smooth, uniform texture with a matte finish that serves as a pre-treatment to prepare your metal for either liquid or powder coating.

powder coating

Powder Coating

Powder coating provides a cosmetic finish similar to paint, but is more durable and offers more protection. The process involves spraying the surface of your tools or equipment with a dry plastic pigmented powder, and then using high heat to melt and adhere the coating directly to the metal. Powder coating can be texturized or glossy and can be used to cover surface defects for a uniform finish.

Which Metal Finishing Process Should I Choose?

If you aren’t sure which metal finishing process is best for your products, there are a few things to consider, like:

  • Production speed. How long does it take to apply the finish?
  • Durability. Do you need a finishing process that adds extra protection?
  • Metal type. Certain methods are more effective for different types of metals.
  • Cost. Some processes are more expensive than others, but might offer additional benefits such as a faster application.

If you’ve decided paint or powder coating is the right finishing process for your metal products, check out High Point Pneumatics for the best spraying equipment the industry has to offer, including spraying equipment, spray booths, and more.