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Product Spotlight: Nordson Encore LT Manual Powder System & Spray

Get the most out of your finishing job no matter your experience level with the Nordson Encore LT Manual Powder Spray System. This thoughtfully designed, technologically advanced, and easy-to-use unit creates superior finishes for users of all skill levels, even on tough coating jobs.

The Nordson Encore LT Manual Powder Spray System


Smarter technology.

  • 100,000 volts deliver maximum first-pass transfer efficiency without waste.
  • Classic electrostatic control or custom electrostatic control allows users to select either kV or AFC automatic feedback mode or set their kV and AFC independently.
  • Smart Flow air pressure control allows you to adjust the powder output as a function of total flow without changing the selected spray velocity.

User-friendly design.

  • Fewer parts means easier setup, operation, and lower maintenance costs.
  • Quick-turn throat retainer for quick easy routine cleaning and inspection of pump throat
  • Balanced, ergonomic design for easy control and application.
  • Auxiliary PowerPurge trigger that cleans the powder path from the base of the handle through the nozzle, preventing internal powder build-up.

More efficient air pressure control.

  • Closed-loop air pressure control delivers precise, consistent powder output regardless of fluctuations in air pressure.
  • Classic air pressure control allows for independent control of flow and atomizing air.
  • More powder output with less compressed air at a lower velocity for full, precise coverage.

Automatic Feedback Current Control

The Nordson Encore LT Powder Spray system uses Nordson’s patented Select Charge® technology to allow you to easily switch between a set of pre-programmed coating modes. Automatic feedback current control enables optimum electrostatic charging voltage based on the gun-to-part distance. This system is designed to make coating deep cavities, recoating, spraying metallic powders easy, regardless of your experience.


On top of being user-friendly, the Nordson Powder Encore LT Manual Powder Unit was made to be durable and reliable, even under prolonged, rugged use. The Nordson Encore LT Powder Spray unit automatically controls optimum electrostatic charging voltage, meaning this powerful system offers versatility and high transfer efficiency for superior powder coating applications, no matter what.

The Nordson Encore LT Manual Powder Spray

Nordson’s Encore LT manual powder coating system is designed for easy plug-and-spray installation and simple setup.  An easy-to-use, high-performing system should be paired with easy-to-use, high-performing powder sprays to ensure optimum performance. When paired with the Nordson Encore LT Powder Coatings, this system allows you to create a truly superior finishing job, even on deep cavities and recoating projects. This digital, user-friendly gun control unit offers the full capability for maximizing coating control, part coverage. and efficiency.

Thinking about adding the Nordson Encore LT Manual Powder Spray unit to your arsenal of tools? Get the nitty gritty specs from the technical manual. To talk with our team about whether the Nordson Encore LT Manual Powder Spray system is right for you, call High Point Pneumatics at 336-889-8416 or send us a message at sales@hppneumatics.com.